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How To Start Dental care With Less Than $100

How To Start Dental care With Less Than $100

correctly and then also Dental care  consistently so what we see often is  when there's turnover we'll see that one  person was taking the write off in the #facebook beginning one person was not taking the  write off at all and Dental Insurance so it gets really really jumbled so having a not Dental care just a one consistent system but also one  that's clear Dental Cover.

Dental care

Dental Insurance everybody understands when I talked to team and I say well why Dental care did you take this adjustment a lot of times they'll say  well that's just how I was taught they're not really thinking through why they need to take that that type of #wikipedia adjustment and I'm a big I'm a big big  fan of these schedules using .

the fee schedules in the computer so yeah you're gonna bill your full fee to the insurance company but I want you to use those fee schedules so that you're not  taking the adjustment twice if you use the fee schedules then you really vision and dental insurance don't need to take the adjustments at the end when the Yogi's come .

in and that way you can see you know is my number off do I  need to write Dental care an appeal why did they deny this you don't you're not dealing with all the extra math of the difference between full fee and PPO fee that would that was also another that's a big red flag for me when an office is  not using fee .

schedules I can I can almost predict with certainty that there's going to be issues with adjustments because they just you know there's too many numbers going is it's just easier for them to write that off and then you take the loss and you're  not going to vision and dental insurance catch that too unless you have a .

good CPA who's able to catch that or a consultant is able to catch that if you're not looking for it you're not going to catch it absolutely basically we're saying is bad training not understanding the software and bad habits are one of the biggest  mistakes that practice owners tend to find themselves

in and we combat that with training and you know yep give me some Dental care other examples cuz you had something in your in your presentation that you gave that were you know we see practices doing this and really they should be doing it this way sure so the the using the fee schedules is  


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