The Secrets To Dental insurance

The Secrets To Dental insurance

have at times Dental insurance whenever you know and I don't see a lot  of the practice management reports but on occasion I'll ask what is the  adjusted production for some clients if they're engaged with this animator #facebook that  makes that logical to do so and then Dental insurance I'll look at it and they'll say okay here's a million.

Dental insurance

in production Dental insurance and  there's a hundred thousand dollars and adjustments and then there's thousand dollars in deletions #wikipedia and then there's  twenty thousand and miscellaneous whatever it is and then you start at some point being like you know why is there deleted items that are on here and  you know.

maybe you know for the example I'm giving and the one was in Eagle soft that they were just instead of adjusting anything that had already been entered  they were just overriding it and Egosoft was deleting the old dental insurance coverage plans entry in creating the new one and from an RL perspective that is is a deficiency.

from an internal control standard I would assume that's  not an auditor but so yeah so yeah we see that kind of stuff all fairly often this and it's crazy you'll see completely different numbers from in completely dental surgery insurance different ways to do the exact same thing office to office you  know I believe and you .

can tell me better than this I believe that's because the fact there are so many ways to get to the end result that are exactly the same by dentalplans  like because in the practice major systems because they're  all so different but there's really only a technically a couple of dental insurance ways to do it correctly to where everything flows the right way well

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