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Learn How To Start Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Learn How To Start Full Coverage Dental Insurance.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Full Coverage Dental Insurance the first one you know that's almost  like a that's a I honestly don't didn't  even like to start consulting with with an office unless they Full Coverage Dental Insurance agreed to do it  this #wikipedia way because things just get so convoluted see so many doctors that are just like I just don't want to see the  big write off number at the end of the year.

I just want to see what I'm a it I don't want to have to know Dental Insurance what my I don't have to look at the adjusted  production report I look at the production report like they want to think that they're making you know a million five or you know producing a million five but they're really not  that's you know
down to a million two or one or whatever and and I get that's an ego hit I mean nobody I mean gosh

remember the first time we had a job Jonathan when we Full Coverage Dental Insurance were like we would see our gross  paycheck and then when the net came we would I cry like remember that way but you know so I understand why doctors are really not not wanting to do it that way but it's the honest way it's the true way

Best Way To Do Full Coverage Dental Insurance

there's no as a consultant I don't Full Coverage Dental Insurance want to pump you up saying you know hey look at you you're making a million five when when that's not what you're making and and that so I think a lot of dentists need to just be really true with themselves about that I will say the majority of the industry the ones  that I talk to are and you know when I speak across the country most of them are using the fee schedules Full Coverage Dental Insurance I don't see it you know maybe maybe five years ago you see a lot of huh you know.

Full coverage Dental Insurance

Full Coverage Dental Insurance lost looks in the audience but most of them because they're PPO more PPO savvy  than before are using fee schedules so I'm thankful about that I would say that if you are not billing things because they're too hard to get paid I think that's the other common common mistake I see you know I hear it being justified affordable dental insurance by saying I don't you know i'm not gonna  bill for the buildups because they never get paid and it's just gonna take my front office person longer to get everything covered so I just don't bill for them and every plan is different you know sure you're gonna have to.

fight harder on some plans for the build up but other Dental care plans are gonna pay it with  absolutely no problem so take a good coding class and then back that up with and I think at the end of my presentation when I was talking about documentation I think that's when I saw your eyes get the widest so let's back it up with the whole documentation thing because if you don't document the reason why you're asking for all of these  benefits from the insurance company they're not going to .

pay it so I would say know your codes be prepared to back Full Coverage Dental Insurance it up with documentation and make sure that you are looking at those EO V's and identifying you know lost the money that you're leaving on the table really so that's that I think was a lot of the I mean I was only speaking for an hour  down at affordable dental insurance Jamie's group but I think that was a lot of it the other part of it and the is where I think we had some real crowd interaction and always some crowd interaction with this is networks so networks are really frustrating a lot of doctors and and you know I don't know what else to say as far as predicting what's going on with networks other than it's not  .


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