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Dental Insurance Plans
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Autoplay been doing with choosing your dental insurance plans so what I'd like for you 
to do is to just look through the information of this video if you've been having trouble
 don't worry that's why I'm here to provide you with even more information so.

That you can make an informed decision in this video I'm going to truncate the
information I'm going to pull out my board I have my very last sheet on my board
and I'm going to dedicate that to talking about this issue so share the video um to any 
anybody you know who may have dental issues.
Dental Helps

Even if you don't know if they have dental issues just share the information you never 
know where the information might be able to go and who it might be able to help a lot 
of us suffer in silence with our dental issues not really having the courage to let people 
know that our mouths are not perfect because you know we look around and we see 
everybody with such pretty teeth.

Even I have really pretty teeth in front see that but in the back lies a whole other story 
on top in the back to like you see my silver fillings ah they look black and we're going 
to talk a little bit about silver fillings in this video @twitter if you don't know my story
you can look back at some of my videos on YouTube you can even come over to my 
website Tonya TKO calm.

Which will be written right here and you can just you can find out my story and how 
I was treated by my dentist when I said enough is enough and when I started looking 
into it I realized that dental insurance is not anything that is outside of our scope in our 
region everybody should be able to have dental insurance.


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